Sales is so much more then the bad rap it has been given. Sales is something that has always made sense to me and teaching people a new way of BEING in sales is one of my greatest passions. In this video I dive in and redefine the meaning behind sales and salesmanship. 

Sales is a lot like dating. From the first hello, to the growing excitement in the belly, to getting the deal done. In this video I share the one crucial step that gets missed often among sales professionals. Just by learning how to do this one thing, will help get the sale.....every time!

The new buzz words in the sales field are all about serving our customers. in this video, I break down why a mindset of serving others serves us so well in business and all we do. i have included a worksheet to download and print, which will help you serve your clients for the week ahead. enjoy!

Health and wellness expert, Kimberly Lou, shares her signature tool for improving posture. As sales professionals who do so much sitting in our work day, this is a fun and effective tool for reversing the damaging effects of sitting and instantly increases confidence.